Asian restaurant Frohe Aussicht – but only in January and february
Asian restaurant Frohe Aussicht – but only in January and february

Asian restaurant Frohe Aussicht? At the Hotel Frohe Aussicht?
That’s right!

Our hotel guests love our Asia weeks at the beginning of the year, as welll our restaurant visitors and now it’s time again:
The Asia weeks 2018 started!

Why is eating Asia kitchen in Appenzellerland a perfect idea?, you will find out in this news.


Asian Restaurant

We are often asked why we offer Asian dishes in our restaurant, or why we become an Asian restaurant.
Eating Asian in the middle of Appenzellerland, in Schwende? We are not in Zurich or any other metropolis.

The answer is simple:
In the Hotel Frohe Aussicht and therefore also in our restaurant we love it authentically.

An authentic taste is very important to our Chef Arno Inauen .
The typical Asian cuisine is very authentic. That’s why it suits us.

For Arno, cooking Asian style means being able to use all the variety of fresh herbs and spices from the Far East, and to conjure up a unique and tasty aroma.
It is an art to properly combine and dose the herbs and spices.

Of course, you, our guests, can enjoy during the Asia weeks our “normal” dishes from our menue.

The first time we offered our hotel guests in the restaurant, Asian food, the feedback was very good.
This is why we decided to offer Asian Kitchen during the first few weeks of the year .
Visitor enjoy that a lot and so we became an Asian Restaurant in the middle of Appenzellerland during the first few weeks of the year.

Eating Asian food in the restaurant Frohe Aussicht in Schwende in Appenzellerland means that there is a chef who offers what he loves too. This is exactly how think is to feel authentic. And that’s why it was the perfect idea for us to serve Asian kitchen.


Eating Asian – it’s worth it

The Asia Weeks 2019 will continue till the 19th of February 2019. So if you want to taste it or enjoy the perfect taste experience, we would love to welcome you soon. Book a table by phone or email.

If you are a hotel guest, during our Asian weeks just tell us when you want to enjoy our Asian dishes.
If you are a restaurant guest from outside, then book now.

Whether Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Indian,
delicious Asian dishes are now served in our restaurant!


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