Data Protection Act Regulation and the Hotel Frohe Aussicht
Data Protection Act Regulation and the Hotel Frohe Aussicht

Dear visitors of our website, dear guests of our restaurant and our hotel,

in the EU, the EU GDPR has become effective on May 25th 2018 and this affects our hotel.
Yes, although Switzerland is not in the EU, but we have many guests from the EU area with us, we get knowledge of personal information of our EU guests

This means personal data, and if we store this data in our billing program, then we are obliged to fully comply with the EU GDPR.

The GDPR also affects our website and therefore we would like to inform you briefly, why there is such a box and why we suddenly have a page for the imprint and the privacy policy.


What does that mean, data collect?

As a restaurant, we run a website and this alone creates personal information.
In Germany, courts have ruled that the IP address already belongs to the personal data.
Since many systems, including this website, work with IP addresses, store them and analyze them, in particular to ensure the security of a website, they must also be DSGVO compliant.

Although it was only German courts that ruled that way and not the EU, we assume that the EU shares this view.

So through the technology, from the router via the telephone system to the website IP addresses are collected.

We know only about the data that you leave during your visit and we collect no other information.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, then we know your e-mail address, even if you have never been a guest in our house.

That’s it!


We respect your privacy

It is important to us that you know that we consider your personal information as personal.
We don’t collect anything behind your back and don’t sell any data.

We are your hosts, both in the hotel and in the restaurant, we love it, because we meet such wonderful people.
That’s why it’s important to us that you know all about this new regulations.

Because some things are presented differently in the media.

Thank you very much for your visit

Your Hosts



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