Well-being for body, mind and soul

So you can enjoy your stay with us even more, we have something “very nice” for you: our spa offer!
Good energy, loving design and pure relaxation – it’t time to relax…..in our wonderul spa area.

Pure relaxation in our spa

We all want to be healthy and relaxed and that’s why we have set up the “Frohe Aussicht Spa Area” for you.
Give yourself a time out, read a good book or just enjoy the peace and quiet. You like sauna? Okay, that’s what we thought!

Choose between:

  • Finnish Sauna (70°C – 110°C)
  • Bio Sauna (50°C – 70°C) – humidity 40% bis 60% (ideal: temperature + humidity = 110°C)

For our guests

As a hotel guest, you can reserve your desired date simply at our front desk.
Price for 90 minutes:
CHF 14.00 per person (including bathrobe and sauna towel).

For external guests

It’s best to book your preferred date by phone: 071 – 799 11 74.
Price for 90 minutes:
1 person = CHF 30.00
2 persons = CHF 40.00
3 persons = CHF 50.00

Bathrobe = CHF 8.00
Sauna towel = CHF 5.00

Our sauna opening hours are very flexible.
It can be reserved by arrangement “exceptional” times.


Silvies Massage’s for Hotel-Guests

Silvie’s massage practice is temporarily closed. With pleasure, Silvie Inauen is available for our hotel guests, after personal arrangement.
Simply contact Silvie Inauen directly if you would like to book a soothing massage.
Below you will find some inspirations for your anticipation.

We are looking forward to your wishes.


Let Silvie Inauen describe personally how our offers look like.

Silvie’s Spa offers you a complete feel-good program for your body and soul and I would like to introduce you to the therapy and relaxing offers I have.
The therapies have all one goal: To regain and improve your well-being. The massages have the goal “you are VIP” just because you feel like it

Treat yourself with some moments of relaxation or use my therapy offers to recharge your batteries – or just visit be because you feel like doing something for yourself!

I am there for you with competence, joy and sensitivity!

Silvie Inauen
Diploma masseuse



Classic Massage

The classic massage with therapeutic focus stimulates your body to develop self-regulating functions better
How the classic massage helps your body:

  • Stimulation of the skin functions and muscle tone regulation
  • Increased mass transfer between bloodstream and tissue
  • Decongesting and stimulating effect on the lymphatic system
  • Regulatory effects on blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and sleep
  • Effect on the whole organism, affects reflectively the internal organs
  • Tonus increase or relaxation
  • Psychic relaxation and balancing of the energy cycle (meridians)

Full body massage / 50 minutes = CHF 115.00
Partial body massage / 25 minutes = CHF 65.00

Foot reflexology Massage

The therapeutic possibilities of foot reflexology have been known for millennia. At the beginning of the last century, the knowledge about the reflex zones was put into a systematic concept and thus scientifically substantiated.
Today we know how positively our organ systems, the lymphatic system and the nervous system react to foot reflexology.
Foot reflexology is ideal both as a sole form of therapy and as a supplement to other treatments.
How the foot reflexology massage helps your body:

  • Stimulation of the blood circulation, organ and gland functions
  • Stimulating the elimination of deposits, waste and toxins that can inhibit the flow of energy
  • Release of energy throughout the body
  • Bringing physical and mental relaxation
  • The reflexology massage can mobilize the body’s own powers
  • Influence on fault zones, such as Scars by appropriate treatment of the reflex and secondary zones

50 minutes = CHF 115.00
25 minutes = CHF 65.00

Hot Stone Massage

This massage with warm lava stones (hot stones) is an absolute relaxing. According to ancient tradition, the hot stone massage is offered in different variants. The possibilities of action range from the strengthening of the body energies and the stimulation of meridian points and chakras to the targeted therapeutic action, for example on tense muscles. Body, mind and soul love the hot stone massage and relaxation is guaranteed in any case!
Full body massage / 75 minutes = CHF 210.00
Back / neck massage / 45 minutes = CHF 160.00

Manual lymph drainage

The point of a manual lymphatic drainage is to restore a possible imbalance between the amount of tissue water and the capacity of the lymphatics. Manual lymphatic drainage enables the lymphatic vessels to carry away more easily excess tissue fluid while stimulating the immune system.
50 minutes = CHF 115.00
25 minutes = CHF 65.00



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